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This month, it's a dub!-dub!-double!...bill of thrillers, killers and suspenseful chillers with "The Case of the Fresh Air Fiends" and " 'I Seen What Y'all Did' ". First, a substantial inheritance sees Jon and company whisked off to jolly old England, where everything isn't all crumpets and tea--as there are rumors of a mysterious phantom stalking the ancestral homestead. Plus it doesn't help matters that The Nefarious Four are skulking about the ruins of Bellweather Castle looking to cash in on the fortune. In our second feature, Marcie and Tiffy make a series of crank calls...not realizing that Ma Bell can fast lead to "oh, hell" when a crazy picks up on the other end and their schoolgirl pranks turn deadly serious.


This story is part of an arc: 1 2 3

Episode #: 1001

Issue #: 109

Release Date: Aug 5, 2014

Title: "The Case of the Fresh Heir Fiends"

Story (out of 24 pages): 12 p.

Writer: Matthew A. Jencks

Penciller: Chase Montana

Letterer: J. Antwon Shea

Colorist: Annette T. "Jo" Shaw


The story opens with the boys at their usual hangout, Libido's. Strapped for cash, Jon has to put the pizzas and pop on their tab, which it seems is getting astronomical. Josh notes that everything is going up these days--food, gas, "weapons-grade yellowcake" (which Ben thinks refers to a foodstuff). Our young hero glumly admits he doesn't really want to be "filthy frigging" rich, he just wishes he had enough cash to cover his debts. Moments later, while checking his mail, he screams and faints dead away.

It seems Jon's great-uncle Cuthbert Portersfield has passed on...but the real shock is that the reclusive old billionaire has named Jon in his will. As the reclusive old billionaire had been living in England for the last few decades of his life, this adventure finds Jon and his gang on a plane heading "across the pond". however, they won't be alone--Demi-Jon has overheard the news and decides if there's money to be had, he wants in. To help him on this caper, he phones the other members of the Nefarious Four--Captain Maggot, D. Ichabod Freely, Dung Tung Wu--and tells them to book passage to England immediately.

Upon his arrival at Bellweather Castle, Jon learns he isn't the only heir named in Uncle Cuthbert's will-- there's his former army buddy, Capt. Rusty Armour, his former adviser Dr. Arthur Higgenbotham and his wife Chrysilda, and his pretty cockney nurse Genny Blake. There's also Uncle Cuthbert's lawyer, Mr. Legume, and a skeleton castle staff--Dawes the butler and Fifi, the downstairs maid. He soon learns that, with the new guests' arrival, three new employees have been recently hired-- a dining room steward (Freely), handyman (Maggot), and cook (Wu). Demi-Jon is nowhere to be seen, but Jon know his devious twin isn't far behind....

After a particularly tense dinner, filled with lingering resentments and suspicion, the company retires to the library to hear the reading of Uncle Cuthbert's will....


"Dawes the butler" is a reference to Dawes Butler, who did a good number of voices for Hanna-Barbera in the fifties and sixties.

Rusty Armour is a caricature of Frank Thornton, one of the stars of the popular British sitcom Are You Being Served?, who played Capt. Stephen Peacock. Likewise, Genny Blake is modeled after Wendy Richard, who played shopgirl Shirley Brahms.

"Legume" the lawyer is a caricature of British comic Rowan Atkinson, the name being a pun on his character Mr. Bean.

The whole dinner table sequence is lifted from the Three Stooges short Malice in the Palace (and its remake Rumpus in the Harem)


Title: "I Seen What Y'All Did"

Story (out of 24 pages): 11 p.

Writer: Tawana and Che Most

Penciller: Matt W. Jeschonek

Letterer: Noah Jewett

Colorist: Annette T. "Jo" Shaw


When Marcie and Tiffy are home alone and bored out of their skulls, they decide to amuse themselves with a game they used to play back in school. One randomly dials a telephone number and asks prank questions, telling whomever answers: "I seen what y'all did, and I know who you are." However, when the mischievous minxes place a call to Harry McAnally, simply because his name in the phone book amuses them, they unwittingly prank a mentally-disturbed, paranoid young man who has just done something wrong. Fearing repercussion, McAnally decides to track down the source of the voice on the phone and silence them.

Based on the 1965 film I Saw What Did, starring Andi Garrett, Sara Lane, John Ireland and Joan Crawford.

One of the Sweets' neighbors is a caricature of Jimmy Stewart as he appeared in the film Rear Window. A second is a parody of nosybody Gladys Kravitz from the sitcom Bewitched (seen also in "Mystic Pizza").

"Harry McAnally" is actually a recolored version of Clint Hollings from "Mississippi Burping" (with blonde hair rather than Hollings' graying red).


There is one page of filler in this issue:

"Dr. Belch's Gag Bag"/Use Your Noodle." Vocabulary test; Benjamin enjoys a plate of spaghetti.

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