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Episode #: 1006

Issue #: 114

Release Date: Jan 2, 2015

Title: "Tooth or Dare"

Story (out of 24 pages): 9 p.

Writer: J.M. Sweet and Jack Staten Monahew

Penciller: Ethan W. "Meat" Jackson

Letterer: J. Antwon Shea

Colorist: Newton E. Haas


When Timmy loses a tooth, Marcie tells him to place it under his pillow for the Tooth Fairy. Buddy scoffs at the idea, as he's slept on the foot of the kids' beds for many years now and never heard of or seen such a thing.

That night the Tooth Fairy (played by Mr. Rotch, who admits he took the part for the sake of getting some character work on his resume) shows up. Unfortunately Buddy causes him no end of trouble, delaying the Tooth Fairy from completing his appointed task.

The title is a nod to either the popular game Truth or Dare, in which a challenge is issued to either reveal a secret or undertake a physical challenge, or to the title of the 1991 Madonna documentary.


Title: "Dipshit Diplomats"

Story (out of 24 pages): 7 p.

Writer: Jake C. Thomas, Nathan E. Stowe, and Jonathan M. Sweet

Penciller: A. Stone Hackman and Jonathan M. Sweet

Letterer: J. Antwon Shea and Jonathan M. Sweet

Colorist: Newton E. Haas and Jack Staten Monahew


Josh, Ben, and Jon are hired to redecorate the very wealthy Miss Cashenbank's sumptuous mansion. However, not knowing what they're doing, they proceed to make a mess of it.

Two of Mrs. Cashenbank's guests, Judge Henry Brackish and Lord Nigel Wimpy, looking to settle a bet on whether it is nature or nurture that shapes a man's character, offer to appointing the boys as ambassadors to a war-torn desert region. After a quick bit of training in etiquette and diplomacy, the three new American emissaries are sent to a remote outpost in the Saudi Arabian desert. They meet up with Mahmoud Hassan Bin-Well, a Iraqi border patrol soldier who is seriously behind the times and doesn't know the conflict in Afghanistan has been over for months. The boys are forced to hide out in an abandoned U.S. fortress until Bin-Well ceases his attack.

Recycles ample panels from "Inferior Decorators" and "Persian Goof". Abdul Amani Sobah is renamed Mahmoud Hassan Bin-Well.

The diplomat school scene recalls a similar one in the 1935 Three Stooges short "Hoi Polloi".


Title: "Hotel California"

Story (out of 24 pages): 5 p.

Written and Performed by: Don Felder, Glenn Frey, Don Henley

Adapted and Arranged (with apologies) by: Jonathan M. Sweet

The Belch Dimension Players perform the "Hotel Califormia" by The Eagles, with Jon as a weary traveler led to a crumbling inn-- and possible damnation-- by a haunting temptress (Angela).


There are three pages of filler in this issue:

"State the Obvious". A puzzle featuring state-related riddles.

"The Bell Curve/Belch Dimension Do's and Dont's". Jon, the Saved By the Bell fan; The Belch Dimension Players show what and what not to do in many situations.

"In the Closet". Tim vs. the monster in his closet

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