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This month, three silly stories primed to throw Easter on its kiester! First, Tony Moneran looks to make a fool out of Ben with a barrage of clever desert sand traps! Then, Marcie plans to take the art world by storm in "Aches and Paintings" ! Finally, the latest chapter of our "Oh-Sh** Eleven" arc finds our heroes sailing the stormy seas with the mad Capt. Maggot!


Issue #: 512

Issue #: 60

Release Date: Apr 30, 2010


The cover gag is an obvious homage to the Roadrunner cartoons (the desert setting) and to a classic gag seen in both "Bunker Hill Bunny" (Freleng, 1950) and "Bonanza Bunny" (McKimson, 1959).


Title: "The Fool Monty"

Story (out of 24 pages): 8 p.

Writer: Matthew A. Jencks

Penciller: Matt W. Jeschonek

Letterer: J. Antwon Shea

Colorist: Newton E. Haas


Tony Moneran sets numerous traps and devices for capturing Benjamin in the desert, including a homemade slingshot, a ramp-driven rocket, a detour painted on a cliff wall, and a high-intensity magnet gun.


The title refers to a 1997 British comedy film about six unemployed men, four of them former steel workers, who decide to form a male striptease act in order to make enough money to make ends meet.
   The title card is done in the style of mid-sixties Depatie-Freleng Enterprises. The last short to do that, whcih also paired these two together, was "Bungee Bungle".


Title: "The Case of the Wicked Wax Museum" (or, Oh-Shit Eleven")"

Story (out of 24 pages): 10 p.

Writers: Tawana and Che Most

Pencils: Ethan W. "Meat" Jackson

Letterer: Jose A. Wheat

Colorist: Theo A. "Jet" Swann

This story is part of an arc:
1 2 3


This chapter picks up hours after the previous installment. Jon regains consciousness and finds himself in the cabin of a ship at sea. It turns out that Dr. Carl Rombold and Jon's old foe Captain Maggot had struck a deal--Maggie sends along a pirate king's ransom in gold, sealed inside hollowed wax statues; in exchange, Rommy delivers good on two promises: an artifact said to have belonged to Xerxes, and the Teen of Titanium himself--signed, sealed, delivered, and temporarily weak as a kitten. Maggot revels in now owning his enemy and wants Jon to help him find a second artifact, long ago sunk to the bottom of the sea. When joined, according to Maggot, the two atifacts grant their bearer "life and youth everlasting". The old pirate then informs Jon that Rombold injected him with nanites while he was unconscious, which can be activated with a remote in in his possession. Jon realizes will be destroyed if he doesn't go along with the plan, thus forcing his compliance.

Meantime, the gang realizes Jon never came home the night before. They piece together clues to the treachery that occurred hours earlier at the docks and begin to work frentically to find him. So, enter the Oh-Shit Eleven as they search the broad expanse of sea for their missing friend and leader!


Title: "Aches and Paintings"

Story (out of 24 pages): 6 p.

Writer: Jahnesta T. Owen

Penciller: M.S. "Nat" Cohen

Letterer: J. Antwon Shea

Colorist: Newton E. Haas


Marcie dreams of becoming a famous artist, but it's not as easel--er--easy as she thinks.

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