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When famous mock-margarine spokesman Felatio Calzone comes to town, the boys spread out. Their objective: Felatio's autograph. But when he refuses to give up his John Hancock, the Trio whips out every trick in their arsenal to get it. Will they butter him up to get what they came for, or will they just play it pat and stick it to the guy?


Episode#: 610

Issue #: 70

Release Date: Mar 15, 2011


Josh's pose with a cigarette in his mouth and miming holding a rifle mirrors the infamous photo, which came to light in 2004, of Lynndie England taunting a nude prisoner at the Abu Gharib correctional facility in Iraq.


Title: "The Trio of Trouble Meets Felatio"

Story (out of 24 pages): 24 p.

Writer: Mencken H. Watts and Jack Staten Monahew

Penciller: Jan W. Osteen

Letterer: Jose A. Wheat

Colorist: Jack Staten Monahew


Angela, Molina, and Marcie are ecstatic to hear that Felatio Calzone, their favorite superhunk-slash-imitation butter spread spokesman, will be signing autographs that afternoon only at the Indicum Mall. Unable to go themselves owing to prior engagements, they wheedle the Trio into going up to Jiggsboro and getting Felatio's autograph for them.

At the mall a long, long line awaits, and by the time Jon, Ben, and Josh get to the front, the signing is over and Felatio has gone home for the day. However, all is not lost; the star is still in his trailer, located conveniently on the mall grounds. Or is it? Felatio is tired and refuses to sign any more autographs that day.

The boys are understandably put out and concoct a series of bizarrely escalating schemes to get Felatio's autograph--including dressing up as Boy scouts and pretending to be a famous Hollywood director and his entourage. Eventually this becomes an excercise in embarassing the star for being a jerk and spurning them to begin with.

"Felatio Calzone" is a parody of Fabio Lazoni, Italian model and longtime spokesman for "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" (parodied here as "I Don't Believe This is Butter"). Fabio has not actively been a spokesman for the product, however, in some years, having been replaced in June of 2006 by Greg Vaughan.

Running gag: The scene irises out and a new one starts, only for Jon to stop the precedings and point out that the current story isn't yet over.

This issue was dedicated to the memory of fitness guru Jack LaLanne, who died on Jan 24 at the age of 96.

Goofs and Nitpicks

    page 8. One of the speech bubbles in the second-to-last panel is is colored the same as the background, making it difficult to see.

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