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And you thought they were a bunch of mixed-up kids before...Demi-Jon's atomic disintegrating module has combined the Treehouse Warriors and the Flungarians together at the cellular level, resulting in a bizarre body swap between the teen and 'tween titans and their cosmic compatriots! The good news is, another zap from the device will untoss this DNA salad...the bad news is--well, Demi-Jon. Will the E.T. of Titanium locate his devious double and the disintegrator disk...or will he now be buying his capes at Baby Gap?


Episode #: 611

Issue #: 71

Release Date: Mar 5, 2010

Title: "Zapped!"

Story (out of 24 pages): 24 p.

Writers: Jonathan M. Sweet and Jack Staten Monahew

Pencils: M.S. "Nat" Cohen

Letterer: J. Antwon Shea

Colorist: Annette T. "Jo" Shaw

This story is part of an arc: 1 2


The story opens with the team investigating a crime scene. Someone has been committing a series of bizarre nightly break-ins, robbing laboratories and manufacturing sites and leaving behind a series of riddles. The m.o., as well as a pattern that emerges when all the sites are seen together on a map, suggests Demi-Jon.

The team has gotten there too late to stop the crooks, but the last clue found--and the pattern--points to the salvage yard on the edge of town. Walking into an obvious trap, the Warriors brace themselves...but even they can't be ready for the bizarre ambush that lies ahead. Spearmint, Demi-Jon's lieutenant, blasts the team with a strange ray, generated from a device fashioned from the stolen hardware. The attack casues the unstable piles of junk about them to give way, burying the Teen of Titanium and company beneath tons of garbage. Satisfied the Warriors are no more, the villains take their leave.

Marcie happens by a while later and, noticing the van parked near the junkyard, goes in to check on her kid brother. She finds Jon unconscious admist the rubble and frantically digs him out--but is horrified when she finds him, alive, but strangely transformed. As it turns out, all the Warriors have been turned into Flungarians, and vice-versa. The "disintegrator", it seems, has functioned as a "re-integrator", splicing the two species' DNA together. Moreover, only the device is capable of seperating and reintegrating their cells, and Demi-Jon's goons remain in posssession of it.

To make matters worse, a strange clue on a digital bank clock lets the team know that Demi-Jon is well aware of what has happened, and is willing to work out a (no doubt self-serving and crooked) deal with them to acquire the disintegrator. They have no choice but to play his twisted follow-the-riddle game, one where he writes all the rules....

The title refers to the tepid 1982 Scott Baio/Willie Aames comedy vehicle of the same name, about a nerdy teenager who receives telekinetic abilities from a freak lab mishap and uses them to try to seduce women.

The splicing together of human and non-human DNA to create hybrids of both species recalls the movie The Fly--both the original and the remake. Josh even refers to the 1986 film on page 11, calling what has happened to the group "Brundled"--referring to the doctor in the movie, played by Jeff Goldblum, who becomes a horrible mutated monstrosity.

"Gnat-Man" is a parody of Batman, and "The Quiz-Kid" and his riddle-based m.o. refers to Bat-foe The Riddler. The "Awesome Foursome" refers to Marvel's Fantastic Four.

Second appearance of Spearmint.

page 15 . The "whence?" gag refers to a bit Jack Benny did involving reciting a particularly bad song he had written years ago called "When You Say I Beg Your Pardon". One of the lyrics went, "So my darling, though we've parted/Come back to whence we started..." The other person immediately would respond "Whence?!", leading Jack to tersely explain that this was the poetic form of "where".


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