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If you like what you see in Belch Dimension, you oughtta see the sh-- we cut out! In this very special issue, Jon cracks open the vaults and presents unused gags and deleted scenes from some of your favorite past stories. Plus, Angela takes a liking to a broken-down nag and fights to convince the horse's owner that the swaybacked old horse with four blown knees can become a champion racehorse in "The Story of Airbiscuit"!


Issue #: 804

Issue #: 88

Release Date: Oct 16, 2012


. Done in the style of a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic DVD cover, this month's front cover features the main cast each portraying a different character from the wildly successful series:
  • Pinkie Pie --Ben
  • Derpy Hooves --Gort
  • Rarity -- Marcie
  • Rainbow Dash -- Josh
  • Twilight Sparkle --Jon
  • Spike --Buddy
  • Applejack--Angela
  • Fluttershy --Molina


    Title: Ready, Willing, and Unstable"

    Story (out of 24 pages): 8 p.

    Writer: Nathan E. Stowe

    Penciller: Jason W. Keane

    Letterer: J. Antwon Shea

    Colorist: Newton E. Haas

    Benjamin opens up a street-corner lemonade stand; however, he finds his little business less than successful (it doesn't help that he doesn't know the first thing about making lemonade). Alvin, Simon, and Theodore, The FlungarianTriplets happen by and suggest that if he's looking to earn some extra cash ("what with the prime Christmas shopping season a scant eight months away") , he should take a gander at some of the job postings offered at the local university. However, Ben discovers he's no better at those jobs than he is at selling lemonade.

    Jobs Ben holds:

  • Torporware salesman
  • lumberjack
  • pharmaceutical tester (mentioned)
  • volunteer fireman (deleted scene)
  • dog groomer
  • custodial engineer


    Title: "Untitled Clip Show"

    Story (out of 24 pages): 6 p.

    Writer: various

    Penciller: various

    Letterer: various

    Colorist: various


    Jon showcases and offers commentary on deleted scenes from
    ,"Ear-Phonies", "Squared Circle Jerks", and "Jon's Halfiversary".

    Third clip show story after "Scenes You Weren't Supposed to See" and "BCD's Bloopers and Impractical Jokes".


    Title: "The Story of Airbiscuit"

    Story (out of 24 pages): 7 p.

    Writer: Nathan E. Stowe

    Penciller: Ethan "Meat" Jackson

    Letterer: J. Antwon Shea

    Colorist: Annette "Jo" Shaw


    While out, Jon and Angela come upon a junk-wagon horse being mistreated by its owner (Diamond Joe DeVito from "Schtick Shift"). Of course Angela's heart immediately goes out to the poor old, abused animal. It seems in its day the horse, Airbiscuit, was a champion thoroughbred, a racer at some of the top tracks, a Triple Crown Winner, voted American Horse of the Year, and victor in over 70% of its races. Despite Jon's objections, Angela purchases Airbiscuit on the spot. But can she turn that old bag of bones into a champ again, or will this be a case of a fool and her money soon parting?

    The title of the story refers to the 1949 film The Story of Seabiscuit, starring Shirley Temple and Margaret O'Hara, which was a somewhat romanticized biopic about the famous underdog racehorse.

    The horse's "secret weapon" was based on the 1937 Three Stooges film "Playing the Ponies", which had spicy pepperinos given to a horse before a race.

    Goofs and Nitpicks

        The quote marks in the first panel are incorrect. It should have had single quotes around the words "...Chicago model" and the close quotes following the words "...white on the outside".


    There are three pages of filler in this issue:
    "Obtuse Chanteuse/Cutting Wit". Marcie's singing is critiqued; Mike Rotch has Old Lady Cashenbank in the chair.
    "Dr. Belch's Gag Bag/Con Airheads". A look at what your dog does behind your back; two bonehead convicts plan a jailbreak.
    "The Desert Foxhound". Buddy journeys across the burning sands.
          * This is the only time the Sweets are seen to have an above-ground swimming pool in their backyard.
          * In the second panel, part of Buddy's tongue is erroneously colored the same as the background.
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