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Our heroes race to stop a psychotic supervillian from killing thousands of revelers gathered to watch the ball drop on New Year's Eve...but all Jon can think about is getting back to Angela's side before midnight so they can spend their first New Year's Eve together as a couple. Plus, the sneaky Timmy attempts to swipe his brother's box of Yuletide yen, and two hungry cats try to mooch a free Christmas dinner.


Episode #: 808

Issue #: 92

Release Date: Jan 29, 2013

Title: "Breakfast of Chump Peons"

Story (out of 24 pages): 6 p.

Writer: Nathan E. Stowe

Penciller: M.S. "Nat" Cohen

Letterer: Noah Jewett

Colorist: Nate Meshon


While scouring the trash cans in an alley for suitable sustenance, Punkin and Pecan catch a whiff of a tempting breakfast on the breeze. The problem is, said breakfast is being prepared in the kitchen on the top floor of the apartment across the way, and the window is nearly impossible to reach. Pecan, the more ingenious of the two alley cats, persuades his brother into a series of schemes to reach the open window in order to seize the food.


The title refers to Kurt Vonnegut's 1973 novel, Breakfast of Champions.

The swingset gag seems to be an homage to "Trip for Tat" (Freleng, 1960), but with a dog instead of a piledriver. A couple of pre-Sylvester Tweety cartoons, "A Tale of Two Kitties" and "Gruesome Twosome" (both directed by Bob Clampett) are also referenced, in that the plot involves two hungry cats trying to obtain food, and one of them looks and sounds like Jimmy Durante.


Title: "Box Pop"

Story (out of 24 pages): 8 p.

Writers: J. M. Sweet and Mencken H. Watts

Penciller: Scott J. Hanna

Letterer: Noah Jewett

Colorist: Nate Meshon


A strongbox filled with hundreds in cash proves to be a tempting target for Timmy, who tries to sneak into Jon's room to rob him while he sleeps. Tim can't make a peep or else he'll be caught, forcing the pint-sized thief to run half a mile down the road each time he has to make a noise. Fortunately a vigilant Buddy is on guard to take advantage of this, thwarting him at every turn.


The title refers to the classic short "Fox Pop"(Jones, 1942), but the plot is more similar to Tex Avery's work, namely "Deputy Droopy", "Rock-A-Bye Bear", and "The Legend of Rockabye Point".

"O.M." refers to Odyssey of the Mind, an organization for gifted students that prides itself on its use of creative and spontaneous problem solving. However, state finals usually occur in mid-May, rather than December, and there is no national competition in the U.S.

This is the second time a character smaller than Jon has demonstrated uncanny strength by picking him up (
"Flea Falling").

According to editor and contributing writer Jonathan M. Sweet, this was based on an actual incident in which his youngest brother snuck into his room while he was sleeping and stole a steel lockbox. "Upon breaking it open he was disappointed to find it contained not cash but books of blank checks. He was actually dumb enough to try to claim it was our mother who gave him the checks, apparently forgetting I had the only key to the box. It was this incident which I believe led His Stupidness into learning to forge my name, because I never kept any petty cash where he could get at it, but I did keep plenty of checks on hand. I should have killed him then."


Title: "New Year's Evil!""

Story (out of 24 pages): 9 p.

Writer: J. M. Sweet and Jack Staten Monahew

Pencillers: Kenton "J.C." Washam and J.M. Sweet

Letterer: Shane T. Eaton

Colorist: Theo A. "Jet" Swann


The Sweets host a New Year's party to ring in 2013. As friends and family gather, laugh, and reminisce, Angela anxiously awaits her new boyfriend to come home so they can celebrate the new year's arrival for the first time as a couple.

Meanwhile, Jon and his crew race to stop Demi-Jon from detonating a dirty bomb in the middle of the city during the New Year's revelries. But the query is, where is the bomb hidden, and can they get to it before that our hero can both prevent the killing of untold thousands of people and keep his promise to be home in time for his New Year's kiss?


The plot is largely an homage to the third act of the B:TAS episode "Holiday Knights", in which the Joker threatens to loose a sonic bomb on millions of Gothamites during the ball drop on New Year's Eve--which in turn was based on the comic book Batman Adventures Holiday Special.

When discussing his Christmas gift to her, Angela recalls the bathroom Jon built for his ex in "Jon's Halfiversary".

T-Bone, a character similar in appearance to Mr. T, is introduced, replacing Spearmint as Demi-Jon's lieutenant.

Demi-Jon's feelings for Harley seem to have shifted significantly since "Cross-Country Vacation"-- there, he gave up his chance to destroy Jon once and for all to rescue her from danger, while in this story he seems more than wiling to leave her to die along with everyone else.


There is one page of filler in this issue:

"Dusty Rhodes' Wild Side Factoids/"...And now, a poetic moment with Billy". Dusty Rhodes looks at grasshoppers; Billy's ode to the art of archery.

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