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The beast has once again taken over Jon and sent him on a rampage across the city, looking to quench his unholy hunger. Meanwhile, the guys discover that Brandy has an uncanny knack for picking Super Bowl winners.



Episode #: 810

Issue #: 94

Release Date: Mar 29, 2013


Goofs and Nitpicks
    page 18. Early uploads of the front cover were missing the top part of the s in "raising" (in the banner across the top). The misprint was corrected for the e-book version.


Cold Open (Beer--It Does a Body In) (1 pp.)

Professor Bobcat appears in a takeoff of a famous ad campaign from the nineties.


Title: "BFFs"

Story (out of 24 pages): 17 p.

Writers: J.M. Sweet and Jonah K. Eastman

Pencils: Kenton "J.C." Washam and J.M. Sweet

Lettering: Shane T. Eaton

Colorist: Theo "Jet" Swann

The government shuts down Po' Bunny Taxes in a massive raid after hundreds of customers complain of failing to receive their tax refunds. With its assets frozen, and disgruntled customers rioting in the streets, PBT has no choice but to close its doors, and lay off its colorful and iconic spokesman Johnny "The Big Fat Fartknocker" Cowper. Having nowhere else to go, he becomes jobless, homeless and destitute. Jon and Angela take it upon themselves to help The Big Fat Fartknocker get back on his feet.

In the B-story, Josh and the gang inadvertently discover that Brandy can pick the winners of each of the playoff games. A small amount of food is placed atop the names of each team playing on a scorecard, and whichever pile she eats will be the winner of that Sunday's match. Brandy's predictions have an eerie way of coming to pass, so the boys increasingly larger sums of cash into the football pool each week, winning against their classmates each time. Will Brandy be able to correctly predict the winner of Super Bowl XLVII?


"BFFs" stands for both "Best Friends Forever "and "Big Fat Fartknockers".

First and thus far only Super Bowl-themed episode.

This is the second episode in which a local media figure is fired. The first was "Booting Out Bobcat".


Title: "Full Moon Fever"

Story (out of 24 pages): 7 p.

Writers: Jonathan M. Sweet and Jonah K. Eastman

Pencils: Kenton "J.C." Washam

Letterer: Jose A. Wheat

Colorist: Nate Meshon

This story is part of an arc: 1 2


Late one night at the graveyard The Drunken Scotsman, the town's sexton, was brutally attacked by what the papers described as a "werewolf-like creature, eight feet tall".

It was discovered that Jon was actually the assailant, having been possessed by Lycan of Thrope, once a cruel dictator of the ancient world. Lycan is in search of the ancient stone that released him to this plane, and has once again taken over Jon's body while he slept. The beast is headed to the cemetery. Molina must find a way to reason with Lycan and get him to cease his rampage--which is bad enough, but in his transformed state, Jon can be killed by an ordinary bullet--and, armed with a shotgun, the Scotsman waits to get his revenge on the monster.


Running Gag: Josh habitually mispronounces Lycan's name.

The story bears some resemblance to the Batman:The Animated Series's "Moon of the Wolf", particularly Det. Williams (a rumpled Harvey Bullock expy) 's final lines taken directly from the episode.


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