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Josh decides to become a crusader for poor people's rights after he attempts to ask out an upper-class girl, but her father snubs him. But it isn't long before the burgeoning Take Over Mall Street movement gets way too scary for our little revolutionary. Meanwhile, Scragg and Marcie's constant fighting forces them to seek counseling.


Issue #: 901

Issue #: 97

Release Date: Jun 13, 2013


A parody of the movie poster for Mr. and Mrs. Smith, the 2005 Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt action comedy vehicle about a bored, unhappy couple who each, unbeknownst to the other, has a glamorous double life as a paid assassin.

Title: "Mr. and Mrs Sweet"

Story (out of 27 pages): 22 p.

Writers: Jean-Kate Costman

Penciller: Ethan W. "Meat" Jackson

Letterer: Jose A. Wheat

Colorist: Nate Meshon


Cold Open---
Helmut Von Rabid has Buddy strapped to a giant phonograph record playing "The Bavarian Friendship Song". When the tune reaches a certain point, the tonearm's razor-sharp needle will slash him to kibbles and bits.

Main Story---
Trouble looms in paradise when Marcie and Scragg's incessant loud arguments about every little thing disrupts the entire household. Jon--who simply wants peace and quiet so he can watch TV--suggests they go to couples therapy with Dr. Zigmund Fraud to sort out their differences, which the pair grudgingly agrees to. Moments later Joshua turns up, and it seems he also has a problem to share. It seems he has been trying to phone a girl he recently met for a date, but her father roadblocks him at every turn. Josh believes it's because the family is rich and her dad doesn't believe he's good enough for her.

An item on the news about a gays protest group inspires Josh to establish his own movement to protect the lower class, particularly the right to date or marry outside his station (despite Jon's attempt to convince him that no poor person is being denied any such a thing). He begins to organize his lower-class anti-defamation group, inviting those who feel they've been kept down by "The Man" too long to congregate outside his girlfriend's dad's house on Mall Street. The movement spreads like wildfire, and pretty soon the front lawn is covered in protesters. Deprived of its blue-collar labor, whose workers have joined the protest, the city slows to a crawl.

Meantime, Marcie and Scragg arrive at Dr. Fraud's office, who mistakes them for a married couple (and seems to think Scragg has taken her last name). The discussion soon degenerates into a battle, each partner issuing a long lists of grievances against one another.

Back at Josh's little gathering, chaos erupts at "Take Over Mall Street" as the days wears on and protesters become loud, messy, and violent. Fights break out and the yard is reduced to a shambles as toilet facilities become scarce. Josh wonders if he's in over his head.

Marcie and Scragg's session isn't going much better. Reminiscing about how they came to be together to begin with only ends in another fight, and the doctor is at wit's end....


"Occupy Mall Street" is a satire of Occupy Wall Street, the controversial protest group dedicated to establishing social and economic equality for all Americans and tearing down the oppressive corporations and moneylenders. Their antics, often involving public destruction, vandalism, and the spread of contagious and sexually-transmitted disease, has earned them much scorn and derision.

Mr. and Ms. Pac-Man are drawn to resemble the way they appeared in the 1980's series. Ms. Pac-Man's first name, oddly, is given as "Patricia", when in the series it was "Pepper".

The song "Low-Paid" is set to the tune of Theory of a Dead Man's "Lowlife".

First appearance: Bear The Puppy.

Scragg and Marcie identify Kathy Bates (referred to as "that crazy Misery" and Fried Green Tomatoes) as a member of Pi Gamma Mu, Scragg's old honor society. However, they are confusing the actress with the lesbian poet and author Katharine Lee Bates (1859-1829).

Goofs and Nitpicks

    The "letterer" and "colorist" credits at the story's beginning were inadvertently switched.


Title: "Feeling A Draft"

Story (out of 24 pages): 5 p.

Writers: Jahnesta T. Owen

Penciller: M. S. "Nat" Cohen

Letterer: Noah Jewett

Colorist: Annette "Jo" Shaw

Monty has a very private problem when, owing to a clerical error, he finds himself conscripted into the U.S. Army. Now he has to go through basic training--and, brother, with this boy, everything is pretty basic.


The plot is similar to that of "Forward March Hare" (Jones, 1953) , in which a misdelivered draft notice causes our hare hero problems.

Apparently Monty suffers from a form of polydactyly (page 17).

The cannon falls off its wheel and misfires in the same manner the camp cannon did in F-Troop. (page 17).

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