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In this issue SweetTart "sounds off" against that perfidous purveyor of putrescence, The FartKnocker, in a story free of dialogue but not of fun and adventure! Here's hoping our virtuous vixen can put a stop to his crimes and bring this odoriferous art thief to justice!


Issue #: 902

Issue #: 98

Release Date: Jul 9, 2013

Story (out of 24 pages): 8 p. (wraparound; 2 pp. at the beginning of the issue, 3 pp. between the three stories in the issue, and 3 pp. at the end of the issue)


SweetTart responds to an alarm at the Jigaboo Junction Museum of Art and finds The FartKnocker inside, stealing rare masterpieces. After a brief scuffle, FartKnocker disables her with one of his toxic botty-blasts and makes off with the most valuable piece in the collection. SweetTart pursues the flatulent felon through the city, across rooftops and over busy streets, in a dizzying chase attempting to recover the stolen painting.


The titles of each segment recall well-known songs or works of literature: "To Kill a Fartknockingbird", "Mama Said Fartknock You Out", and "Fartknocking on Heaven's Door". This recalls the anime series Cowboy Bebop , whose episodes were titled in a similar manner.

The "silent"--that is, free of dialogue and written text except a few sound effects--nature of the story is an homage to the Batman short "Chase Me".

FartKnocker seems a lot more competent than his usual in this story.


Title: "A Street Cat's Maimed Desire"

Story (out of 24 pages): 5 p.

Writer: Mencken H. Watts

Penciller: Scott J. Hanna

Letterer: Noah Jewett

Colorist: Newton E. Haas


The anthill tiger (
"Tiger in His Tank") has escaped from its cage at the zoo again and wandered off into the city...but it may have more than it bargained for when it runs into a lovestruck Punkin the cat...who isn't one to take no for an answer.


page 3. The title is a reference to Tennessee Williiam's famous drama A Street Car Named Desire.

The plot is largely lifted from the 1953 Pepe Le Pew short "Wild Over You", in which the famed French skunk becomes smitten with a violent escaped wildcat.

Punkin's seductive speech on page 6 is straight from the Tom and Jerry short "The Zoot Cat", in turn an impression of dashing leading man Charles Boyer.


Title: "Two Sloppy People"

Story (out of 24 pages): 10 p.

Writer: Nathan E. Stowe

Penciller: Scott J. Hanna

Letterer: J. Antwon Shea

Colorist: Annette T. "Jo" Shaw


Benjamin is kidnapped by Slobber Face and Noodle Nozzle, who plan to hold him for ransom. However, they soon find that his excessive appetite causes them no end of trouble as he won't stop eating everything in their hideout --including a
portable radio and a bushel of fireworks. Meanwhile, Jon and Marcie argue over how to properly prepare supper.


The title is a parody of "Two Sleepy People", a thirties-era song by Hoagy Carmichael and Frank Loesser.

There is one page of filler in this issue:
"Potty Larceny". Josh's latest experiment takes its toilet--er--toil on poor Billy's bottom line.

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