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The Belch Dimension Comics

  This is the official alphabetized index to Belch Dimension Comics. Click on a link to read production, plot, notes, and goofs for each story.

(I Ain't No) Hollow Fat Girl
"I Seen What Y'All Did"
"I Seen What Y'All Did" (2)
"I Seen What Y'All Did" (3)
"The Desert Lark", or, "All The Sand Which Is There"
3:45 (a.k.a. "A Quarter to Four")
5 A.M. Mayhem
7 Pages of Bad Luck
15 Ways To Leak a Stinker


A Christmas Story 2.0
A Close Shave
A Comedy of Terriers
A Fair Fight
A Flip of the Coin
A Flip of the Coin (2)
A Fright For Four-Eyes
A Girl and Her Chair
A Little Re-Read Riding Hood
A Marcie Moment: The Full-Service Doughnut Shop!
A Rash Decision
A Street Cat's Maimed Desire
A Walk on the Wildlife Side
A Wolf In Chic Clothing
Aches and Paintings
All's Farrakhanine In Love And War
All That Jazz
The Amazing Sweetchuck
An Ice-Cold Bud
Another Fish Story
Another Fish Story (2)
Another Fish Story (3)
The Antique Glasses Case
App Pupil
Attack of the 5 1/2-Foot Animal Rights Whacko


BDC's Bloopers and Impractical Jokes
Baby Buggy Buddy
The Back Issue
Bad Word Blues
Bathtub Stoppard
Beast of Birdin'
Belch Blanket Bingo
The Belch Dimension's Stupidest Home Videos
Belch Dimensional Lampoon's Cross-Country Vacation
Belch Dimensional Lampoon's Cross-Country Vacation (2)
Belching Jon Malcontent
The Big Dang Theory
Billy Steps Up In Class
Blackdraft (2)
Booting Out Bobcat
The Bourne Loser
Box Pop
Breakfast of Chump Peons
Breast Implants Through the Ages
The Bride Came O.C.D.
Bud Is Thicker Than Water
Buddy Meets Bernie the Wonder Beagle
Buddy's Nightmares
Bully for Billy
Bungee Bungle


Campy Camp
Canine Calamity
Canned Meet
Carat and Schtick
Carnival Knowledge
The Case of the Beagle Burglaries
The Case of the Cursed Collar
The Case of the Fresh Heir Fiends
The Case of the Fresh Heir Fiends (2)
The Case of the Fresh Heir Fiends (3)
The Case of the Shanghaied Streetwalkers
The Case of the Wicked Wax Museum
(a.k.a. "Oh-Shit Eleven")
The Case of the Wicked Wax Museum (2)
The Case of the Wicked Wax Museum (3)
Cat Scratch Fever
Caustic's Housepest
The Challenge
Chateau Puppets
Chicken Soup for the Soul...and Heel!
Chimes of Freedom
China Jones
Chinese Fortune Kooky
Collar Me Budd
The Crazy Cassowary Caper!


The Dandy Lion
Dead Residents
Dear Diary...
Deleted Scenes
Dental Damn!
Desolation Row
Desperate Housecats
Dipshit Diplomats
The Disorient Express
Dizzy Doctors
Do or Diet
Dog Training
The Dogs Must Be Crazy
Don't Beat the Yellow Snow, Man!
Don't Hang Up Your Clothesline Across From the Neighbor's Backyard
Down Under Blunder
Double Trouble
Drift of the Magi
Drive-in Me Crazy
Driving Miss Crazy
Dumb Dog Millionaire
Dusty Rhodes' Wild Side (Jul 2009)
Dusty Rhodes' Wild Side (Apr 2013)
Dusty Rhodes' Wild Side (Apr 2019)


Eggs and Pains
The Eggs and I
Egged On
Elementary School, My Dear Potson
The Engrish Patient
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Gross
The Eyes Have It!


Family Ties
Family Ties (2)
Feeling a Draft
Feminazi (2)
The Fido House Rules
Fifty Shades of Gravedirt
Fishy Business
Fixed Income
Flea Falling
Flipping The Bird
The Flunger Games
The Fool Monty
Football Follies
The Foul Stench of Doom!
Fox Kids
Freakin' Garrison Keillor
Freely's Flim-Flam Film Scam
Full Moon Fever
Full Moon Fever (2)


Game of Thrown
Ghost Dud
The Girl With the Draggin'-Ass 'Tude
Girlz In the Hood
Good Things Come to Those Who Wait
Gort's Guide to Getting a Good Night's Sleep
Gort's Guide to Giving A Cat A Pill
Gort's Guide to Managerial Economics
Gort's Guide to Running for Office
Gort's Guide to Swimming Safety
Gort's Guide to the Perfect Vacation
The Greatest of Sleaze
Groundhog Daze
Gross-ery Shopping
Guidance System


Hair-um Scarum
Halo, Kitty
Hate Thy Neighbor
Head-Bobbin' Heartthrob
Heart and Will
Here Comes Your 1930's Breakdown
High Sea Hijinks
Hiss Hole Comes to Town
Home Alien
Home Alien II
Home Ecch!
Hotel California
House Cleaning Blues


The I. P. Freely Inhumane Society
I Swing The Body Electric!
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
I'm My Own Grandpaw
Ice, Ice, Baby
Idol Hands
Impaired Au Pairs
The Impudent Student
The Incredible Shirking Man
Invader Tim
Inferior Decorators
It's A Cat's Life
It's A Long Way to Temporary


Jigaboo Junction Squares
Jon's Halfiversary
Jon Writes His Own Ticket
Joshua Cline's Experiment File #21886: Hecklin' Jekyll
Joshua Cline's Experiment File #786826: The Tanner Turner
Joshua Cline's Experiment File #90807: CENSORED!
Joshua Cline's Experiment File #91101: Spastic Explosive
The Just-Us League Meets Manny Moonsago!
The Just-Us League Meets the Silly-Ass Mariner!
Junk Bonds


K-9 C.R.U.D.
Ketchum's Couch Trip
Keyed Up
Kitty Cat-tastrophe
Kitty-Cat Casanova
Kung Fu-lish


The Larry and Lana Mysteries: The Case of the Five Dozen Bismarcks
The Larry and Lana Mysteries: The Case of the the Mind-Reading Mule
The Larry and Lana Mysteries: The Case of the Tell-Tale Tune
Life of Pit
The Life and Times of Tim
The Lifesaver
Lightning Strikes (Terror In) Me Again
Lil' Romeoh-no
Loaded Forebears
Lost In Underserved Space


Magic Fingers
Makeover Malaise
The Making of "Son of the Return of the Serpent II"
Marco Polo
Meatball Hero
Minstrel Problems
Misadventures in Baby-Sitting
Missed Manners
Mississippi Burping
Monumental Stupidity
Mook Review
Mr. and Mrs. Sweet
Mutt and Mutton
My Mother The Cur
Mystic Pizza
Mystic Pizza (2)
Mystic Pizza (3)


Naphtali Nonsense
The Nefarious Four!
New and Revised Rules for the Open Road
New Year's Evil!
Night of The Living Gummi!
Not-So-Classical Conditioning
The Nudie Bar
Nutzi Nazis


Oh, Changing Language
The Old Man and the C-Notes
The Old Man and the Seeress
Once Upon a Time Warp
One on Won
Orange Is the New African-American


The Pacific Rim Job
Paleozoic Error
Par for the Coarse
Persian Goof
Pest of The Pecos
Pipe Kype
Pitiful Pit
Plant Feud
Playing House (a.k.a. "Jon and Angela Play House")
Pledge To You
Polar Voids
Pool Tabled
Pop's Pie Panic
The Power Switch (2)
The Power Switch (3)
Principal and Interest
Principal and Interest (2)
Project Greeker
Pup In Boots
Pyramid Scheme


Quixotic Chaos


The Ransom of Red Chimp
The Raving
Ready, Willing, and Unstable
The Real Housewives of Jigaboo Junction
Relatively Early Show with Jonathan Sweet
Riled Riled West
Role Models, Inc.
Roller Derby
Romance in Derange-o
Romeo and Juliet
Room 114
Root Rot


Savage and the Ape Episode 13: "Too Short to Box With God"
Scaredy Cat
Scenes You Weren't Supposed to See
Schtick Shift
Sharper Than A Serpent's Tooth
Sharper Than A Serpent's Tooth (2)
Sheep Trick
Shelf Life
Silent Partner
Single Right Female
The Sister's Lament (A Rock Musical)
Sleep No More
Slightly Bent Story Time: "There Was An Old Hound Dog"
Small Medium at Large
Son of the Return of the Serpent II
Soul Feud
Sound Judgement
Soup to Mutts
Spherical On Broad and Fourth Street
Spring Forward, Fall Back
Squared Circle Jerks
Standup and Deliver
The Story of Airbiscuit
Strange Bedfellows
Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again
Stuporboy V: "Stuporboy Gives"
The Superhero Roundtable
Sweet and Sour Dork
Sweetchuck's Ladder
SweetTart (2)
SweetTart (3)
SweetTart vs. The Reverse Cowgirl!


The Three Dingus Dogs Meet Franklin Stein
The Three-Timer's Club
There Will Be Bud
Tiger in His Tank
Timmy's Good Deed
To the Letter
Tooth or Dare
Tost and Massey Starring In "Stages of Grief"
Touched By an A-Hole
The Treehouse Troubadors
The Trio of Trouble Meets Felatio
Truth...Or Else!
Try a Little Tenderness
Two Sloppy People
Tuckered Out
Tuesdays With Moron
Turkey Bacon
The Turd Man
Two Broken Girls


Un-Civil Warriors
Uniform Inconsistency
The Unsung Zero
Untitled Clip Show
Untold Tales of The Belch Dimension: How Captain Maggot Got His Hook Hand
Untold Tales of The Belch Dimension: The Origin of Jason the Gibbon!
Untold Tales of The Belch Dimension: The Origin of the Trips!
Up in the Air
Up the Demi-Jon Staircase
Up the Demi-Jon Staircase (2)
Up the Demi-Jon Staircase (3)


Vaper Trails
Vexed Vets
Violence of the Doll's


Walking for Fitfulness
WeatherDroid 3000
Wee-Wee Monsieur
Whacky Dracky
What a Dish!
What a Drag!
Wild Thing
Who Decapitated Codger Carbuncle?
Working for Peanuts




Y's Ass
You T'oid With My Emotions



Zapped! (2)


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